Prominent Civil Rights Attorney James Otto Filed  Law Suit Against Disney Whose Preference For Foreign Workers Over U.S. Workers Result In Over 400 Competent U.S Workers Forced To Train Incompetent Foreign Workers.

Civil Rights Attorney James Otto declares an unholy alliance of lawyers and craven corporation practices have installed surreptitious strategies to illegally discriminate against the American workforce[1]. The result is the betrayal of the American dream of “fairness to all“.  If this new corporate normal continues and not strongly stopped and punished, no American job is safe.  Disney is clearly breaking the law.

Disney Corporation authorized a NO U.S. WORKER EMPLOYMENT POLICY firing over 700 competent U.S. workers in Florida, Anaheim and Burbank, California, as well as, New York. Disney required them to train their foreign imported replacements in order to be paid. Disney executives told employees “Get used to it. You need to learn to wear a sari [Indian dress] because that is the only place you will ever get a job.”    Beyond the surface of fantasy, fun and sun, The ‘family-friendly” Disney Corporation is murdering the American dream by hiring hundreds of foreign workers while intentionally excluding ALL U.S.

WORKERS. Disney has failed to adhere to federal and state anti-discrimination laws. The administrative complaint filed  by Otto cites numerous violations of both federal and state laws accusing them of criminal fraud for importing foreign workers  for the SOLE purpose of replacing Americans workers and excluding them from any consideration for employment- a right guaranteed by the Constitution – simply because they are American or green card holders.  These jobs are not being transported overseas.  Rather, the labor is being imported here and the U.S worker must train the incompetent replacements!

On behalf of his clients, Mr. Otto, filed an administrative complaint with the State of California to prepare the way for two (2) law suits against both Disney Corporation and the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) for violations of both federal and state laws. Disney’s Board of Directors and Senior Management have made the conscious decision to abandon the American people by excluding them from their work force. According to current Disney managers, the few U.S. workers who were not fired in the first round of job terminations are not being targeted for future job discharge by downgrading their job duties, marginalizing their status by assigning them tasks that should be done by a new hire and ostracizing them from management meetings and gatherings. Clearly, Disney’s NO U.S. WORKER EMPLOYMENT POLICY is in motion to achieving its goal.

Disney is expected to rely on the term “outsourcing” labor, which is a misnomer or misused in many assistances, as an excuse for committing illegal acts. U.S. companies are no longer sending jobs overseas. Instead, Disney is importing foreign workers for the SOLE purpose of replacing American workers intending to exclude them from any consideration for employment. Competent workers are replaced right here in America by exclusion from equal access to employment – a right guaranteed by the Constitution – simply because they are American or green card holders.

While it has always been written into America’s genetic code the proposition that the United States will always protect American jobs. Today’s reading: this is pulp nonfiction. The current Vegas School of corporations is greed  gone wild; a direct assault on America’s values, money system and our economic past and future. 

To avoid the abyss towards which we are heading, Otto is launching a high-profile lawsuit against Disney to reveal the deception of Disney’s illegal employment practices in order to force Disney to do right. Otto has sued several employers with successful results as an attorney for the State of California prosecuting employers for illegal civil rights violations. He opened his own law office in 2002 and had prosecuted employers for various civil rights violations and illegal conduct. Currently, Otto represents 18 U.S. workers fired because they were not foreigners in a $200 million legal action against Cognizant Technology Solutions and Molina Healthcare, Inc..   With Otto leading the way, workers are fighting mad and fighting back. And in the end, Americans will win because that’s the American way.

Nowhere has the case for the theft of American jobs been laid out as brilliantly as when prominent civil rights attorney James Otto demonstrated in the case of Beasley v. Cognizant Technology Solutions and Molina Healthcare, Inc., that these employers failed to adhere to civil rights laws. In the Beasley case, the U.S. workers are supported by the testimony of Molina’s own senior management and supervisors, such as Molina’s Director of Cost Analysis, Directors of the IT Department, the Vice-President and Director of Human Resources, ALL of whom will testify that Molina did not want to hire U.S. WORKERS in the IT Department any more. The complaint alleges that there is evidence that Molina’s Chief Information Officer was receiving bribes from the importing company to hire only foreign nationals and to exclude all U.S. workers

Establishing a new normal, Disney Corporation has authorized a “NO AMERICAN” EMPLOYMENT POLICY firing over 700 competent U.S. workers, then humiliating them by forcing them to train their foreign imports in order to be paid as a condition of severance pay.

This problem prevails throughout corporate America. The segregation of Americans out of the American job market is soon to be complete. There are “foreigners only” who want advertisements all across the country. Outside of Chicago an advertisement for an IT programmer boldly states, “H-1b Holders Only”. Another advertisement for Entry Level job state – foreign students – ONLY. A third advertises “Walk-in Interviews” for a job opening in New Jersey – but you must go to Pune, India to interview! Indian headhunters are recruiting in India for K-12 teachers, cancer surgeons and real estate salespersons to work in the United States. An information technology staffing firm based in Rolling Meadows, Ill., posted an advertisement for a technical writer to work on projects for a Chinese client. The advertisement read “arrogant American(s)” need not apply.

Senators Dick Durbin and Chuck Grassley, both on the Senate Judiciary Committee, acknowledge that “Some companies that discriminate against American workers are so brazen that their job advertisements say ‘H-1B visa holders only.’ And some companies in the United States have workforces that consist almost entirely of [foreign] guest-workers.” Cognizant Technology Solutions, Inc. stated in numerous public documents to its shareholders that the vast majority of its employees in the U.S are Indian nationals.  The company declared that its business model requires the company to recruit and employ Indians and – not U.S. workers. Cognizant stated that its biggest fear is that Congress will finally state to protect Americans and then Cognizant will have to go out of business. 

Brazenly today, firing of Americans TO MAKE ROOM to hire ONLY foreign nationals is blatant, gross employment discrimination prohibited by Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act AND STATE LAWS. Without even a modicum of shame, corporations are posting discriminatory want ads, some even stipulating “No Americans need to apply.”

The Department of Homeland Security is the agency that tracks the exact number of persons admitted into this county and why they came. The DHS believes there are approximately 10 million undocumented aliens in the U.S. in 2011. The U.S. Government does fully comprehend the enormity of the problem because it keeps statistics published by the Department of Homeland Security reporting EXACTLY, to the person, that between 2002-2010, over 14.3 million immigrants have actually been admitted on the petition of U.S. businesses to take jobs from U.S. workers AND an additional 10 million[3] immigrants were admitted into the U.S. by the Government to take U.S. based jobs.

To understand this current situation, it is helpful to understand the three (3) immigration categories. When a foreigner wants to come to the United States to live and work he must first get permission from the U.S. government. The first category of Immigrant is the individual who enters the U.S. prematurely without proper documents, thus, is known as the “illegal” or “undocumented” immigrant. The second category of Immigrant is the individual who does wait for receipt of proper documentation before entering the U.S., thus, is known as the “legal” or “documented” immigrant. The third category of immigrant is the work preference immigrant who does not request permission to be admitted into the U.S.; rather, a U.S. corporation must refuse to hire any U.S. worker and offer a U.S.-based job to the foreign immigrant.

The impact to the American families that lost their jobs to foreign workers is horrendous. In addition, the U.S. taxpayer is forced to pick up the tab to support the unemployed masses. The U.S. taxpayer antes up the trillion-dollar bill for the 8 to 12 million unemployed, the lost values off their homes, and the lost education of their children, all of which puts a tremendous strain on the U.S. economy.

It is necessary to know that foreign workers do not pay taxes and the U.S. corporation does not pay Social Security taxes for the immigrant worker, who uses the government health net, schools, roads, and other infrastructure. Also, foreigners send their savings home to their country of origin thus depriving the U.S. economy of any extra earnings from the savings.

Wall Street has lobbied Congress for no limits on employment preference immigration with such energy that according to Professor Norman Metloff; “Prominent members of Congress publicly admitted that they approved the [employment preference visas] because of corporate campaign contributions.” The devil is in the donors. Congress was lobbied and paid a lot of campaign contributions, then repealed the protections for American workers. Congress agreed to allow the immigrant to come to the U.S. to seek permanent worker status even with the presence of qualified U.S. workers.

Americans feel the disconnect between “no jobs available” and importing millions of foreign workers to replace competent tax paying Americans. Is it purely coincidental that from 2008 through 2010, 8.4 million foreign workers found U.S. based jobs, while, according to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistic, during the same time period, the U.S. lost approximately 8.4 million jobs? How can a company make record profits if it cannot afford to employ workers? Even during the recession, corporate profits skyrocketed, and, coincidentally, politicians collected millions of dollars from corporate campaign gifts.