How Did Naruto Lose His Arm?

In episode 478 of Naruto: Shippuden, Naruto lost his right hand when he was fighting with Sasuke in their last battle at the Valley of the End. During the battle, Naruto used the Rasengan with his right hand against Sasuke who used the Chidori with his left, and when the two clashed their equivalent powers to each other, unpredictably they both lost their limbs. This is when Naruto lost his right hand.

How Did Naruto Lose His Arm?

Naruto Uzumaki, the center character of the renowned Japanese manga Naruto: Shippuden lost his arm in a battle fought with Sasuke, another important character of this popular series.

Naruto & his early age mate Sasuke both are the most talented & powerful Shinobi of the village and have equal strength, supremacy & remarkable skill like no one has in the series.

They fought many times in the Naruto series, prior to the incident of this mishap where both these Ninza had lost one hand each. This incident actually happened in episode no. 478 The Unison Sign of Naruto: Shippuden series.

In episode 478, Naruto & Sasuke fight with each other at the Valley of the End & both use their superpower to win the battle. Naruto utilizes the Rasengan with his right hand against Sasuke & Sasuke uses the Chidori with his left and ultimately both have lost their arms on the battlefield due to the Jutsus used by them.

Why Do Naruto And Sasuke Fight?

Naruto, the main protagonist of the series Naruto manga, is having a complex relationship with the other important character of the story Sasuke Uchiha. Naruto is a very simple, joyous, hyperactive, & fun-loving guy in general.

On one side, he is quite insensible as he assumes that Sasuke will come back to him on the right path one day; on the other side, he builds strong determination to become the Hokage of the village.

Whereas, Sasuke is a very powerful boy, the deuterogamist villain of the story who belongs to the Uchiha group, an ill-famed ninja family.

Sasuke has trained himself to develop himself as the best ninja in his family & so that, he can take revenge on Itachi, his older brother who killed the entire Uchiha clan, except Sasuke.

Sasuke gained popularity as a promising and rising Ninja through his training and learning and he only focused to become stronger than previous.

Naruto & Sasuke’s relationship is very complicated because of their ancestor’s deception. They first met with each other in episode 51 when the two were schoolboys. 

Though Naruto & Sasuke were the closest friends, a rivalry begins between them when Sasuke attains more popularity & acceptance from others and proves himself better than Naruto in every field which makes Naruto jealous.

How Did Naruto Lose His Arm?

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Therefore, they become members of Team 7 and started the work as teammates. Both sprinkle a sweet affection for each other but wind up conflicting several times.

  • The fans of the Naruto series & Naruto: Shippuden know well that both the characters are equally strong & powerful and have loggerhead five times in the entire story.
    For the first time, the two Shinobis involve in combat during episode 107 on Konoha’s hospital rooftop and the battle persists till the end of episode 109.
    In these episodes, we see that Sasuke has been admitted to the hospital & he is recollecting the memories of his first fault & the power that Naruto suddenly has developed. At that time Naruto has come with Sakura to visit Sasuke and the sight irritates Sasuke very much.
    So, he challenges Naruto for a fight and they both have engaged in it on the rooftop of the hospital. When they use their Jutsus against each other, Sakura ultimately stops the fight.
  • The second one begins in episode 128, “A Cry on Deaf Ears & ends in episode 135. This iconic fight happens at the Valley of the End when Sasuke restrains himself to join back in Konoha.
    Then with all his determination, Naruto punched Sasuke, but Sasuke merely felt any pain. Instead, Sasuke grabbed Naruto by his shirt and held him up, and then punched him with his powerful Cursed Seal.
    When Naruto tried to fight back again, Sasuke kicked him into the water and stole a weapon from Naruto’s bag. Naruto’s attacks with Shadow Clones as well as Shuriken were easily beaten by Sasuke.
    Finally, Sasuke tied up Naruto by the wire string with a rock and lit the wire with fire, keeping Naruto in the midst of a burst of Fire.
  • In episodes, 215 to 216 in Naruto: Shippuden, generally known as “Two Fates”, Sasuke wants to kill Sakura but Naruto saves her.
    Naruto tries to influence Sasuke to come back from his hunt as he wants to save Sasuke without matter. But Sasuke denies & wants intensely to abolish Konoha in the same way they do with his clan & punish the villagers who laugh & humiliate them.
    He, therefore, kills Danzo who was the reason for Uchiha’s downfall.  Seeing his power, Kakashi realizes that the repeated hatred arouses inside Sasaki and it changes him completely.
    He decides to take care of Sasuke but Naruto has controlled him & goes speedily with his Rasengan to Sasuke. They both engage in a clash and it enriches the final Valley.
  • Episodes 257 to 260, it is a repetition of the happenings of the part one storylines.
    Here, the story turns you back to the conflicts that the two ninjas do in their academic life. Sasuke becomes a winner of the battle and left Naruto in an unconscious state and walked away to Otogakure.
    Sasuke demanded power to Orochimaru.
  • Finally, the last battle comes & it continues from episode 476 to 478. The battle was held at the Valley of the End where Naruto & Sasuke engage in a battle. While Naruto utilizes his Rasengan with his right hand against Sasuke. And Sasuke, on the other side, uses Chidori with his left hand. As the Jutsus of two ninjas tied up with one other, both Shinobis, unfortunately, lost their respective arms.

How Does Naruto Get His Arm Back?

How Did Naruto Lose His Arm?

Naruto Uzumaki is the leading character of the story, who introduces himself as a cool, smart, prank-loving boy of the Hidden Leaf Village in the Land of Fire.

Naruto has a secret desire of becoming the Hokage of the village and therefore, he trained himself to become a powerful ninja. During his academic life, he met Sasuke, another ninja of the story with whom Naruto has a strong rivalry, and the two engaged in fights many times.

In episode 478 of Naruto: Shippuden, surprisingly, Naruto lost his right arm when both Shinobis were combating in their last battle at the Valley of the End.

The incident raises a big question for Naruto’s fans; does Naruto get his arm back or will permanently lose his arm? But fortunately, he gets his arm back as Naruto has to fulfill his dream as a Hokage and his wish to do great work for his village.

Hence, after returning to his town, Lady Tsunade analyses his sores & his lost limb and provides a prosthetic arm for him. The prosthetic limb was erected by the cells of Hashirama Senju, the First Hokage & Grandfather of Lady Tsunade.

In this way, Naruto acquires a new arm that has been secretly kept in Naruto: Shippuden or Boruto series.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Naruto lose his arm?

Naruto lost his arm during the final battle with Sasuke who has equal power to Naruto. In episode 478 of Naruto: Shippuden, when the two ninjas fought at the Valley of the End, Naruto’s right-handed Rasengan directly met with Sasuke’s left-handed Chidori and, therefore, by coincident, Naruto & Sasuke both lost their limbs.

Did Sasuke get his arm back?

No, Sasuke did not get his arm back. During the period of the battle between two ninjas, like Naruto, Sasuke also lost his limbs. But, for the repentance of his past sins & also to apprehend how the shinobi world will receive him to his current state, Sasuke decided that he would never replace his arm.  He, therefore, wishes to lead his journey of life without any prosthetic limb.

Did Naruto permanently lose his arm?

No, Naruto did not lose his arm permanently. Both Naruto & Sasuke lost their arms when they clashed together in the last battle at the Valley of the End. Though Sasuke could not get back his arm as the remainder of regret of his evil deeds that he had done with his friends & villagers, Naruto gets back his arm with help of Lady Tsunade. When Naruto wanted back his right arm, Lady Tsunade examined his wounds & lost arm and embedded a prosthetic arm which was arranged by the cells of Hashirama Senju, the First Hokage & Grandfather of Lady Tsunade. Thus, he got back his lost arm and did not lose his arm permanently.

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