How Old Was Itachi When He Killed His Clan (13 or 14)?

Itachi was 13 when he killed his clan. Itachi was just 4 years old when Obito first assaulted the leaf, and Obito was 14 when he massacred his kin. As a child prodigy, he joined Anbu at a tender age and advanced rapidly through the ranks, becoming a jonin by the time he was 13.

🗡️🗡️How Old Was Itachi When He Killed His Clan?🗡️🗡️

At the age of 13, Itachi slaughtered his family. Itachi is shown as five years older than Sasuke throughout the manga, revealing that Sasuke was seven years old when the Uchiha clan was slaughtered.

He was one of the most skilled ninja in the clan, and as a result, he was recruited into the clan’s elite Anbu corps, which serves as the clan’s assassination and tactical squad and reports directly to the Hokage.

Event In The Life of ItachiAge
Became a member of the Uchiha clan’s elite police force, the RootAround 7
Graduated from the Academy at the top of his classAround 9
Becomes a GeninAround 10
Becomes a ChuninAround 11
Becomes a JoninAround 12
🗡️🗡️Killed his clan🗡️🗡️13
Joins the organization AkatsukiAround 20
Died while fighting his brother, SasukeAround 21-23

The fact that Itachi joined the corporation when he was just eleven years old is, to say the least, terrifying to a kid. Itachi, however, was already jaded due to his presence on the Ninja Continent during the Third Shinobi War.

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💀How Did Itachi Kill His Clan? ðŸ’€

While the Third was still hoping for a peaceful resolution with the Uchiha clan, Danzo realized it was hopeless and gave Itachi an ultimatum: either let the Uchiha clan go through with their coup plan and see them all die, including his beloved little brother Sasuke, or kill his clan except for his brother Sasuke, who must not know what happened so that he doesn’t hate his village. 

Itachi was devastated by remorse, but he knew that if he wanted his brother and Konoha to be safe, he had to eliminate the threat his hometown posed personally.

As he wanders about Konoha in thought, he runs upon a mysterious figure with a mask. He was confident that Madara Uchiha was behind the plot to wipe out the whole town. But Itachi makes him a deal: in exchange for his aid in getting vengeance for his clan expulsion, he must spare the hamlet. 

The masked guy agrees, and they kill out the whole family in a single night. When Itachi first meets Sasuke, he employs Tsukuyomi genjutsu on him, showing him a recreation of the attack that killed his parents.

Even though Sasuke’s Sharingan has woken up, he has passed out from tiredness. With regret in his heart, Itachi departs the community. Uchiha In the Naruto timeline, Itachi’s murder of his clan happened in the 72nd year of the series, when he was 13.

🤔💭Why Did Itachi Kill His Clan? 

Initially, Itachi was the most despised figure, but eventually, he won everyone around. Even though the Senju and Uchiha have historically been at odds with one another, Hashirama and Tobirama were able to enlist Madara Uchiha’s assistance in establishing a new hamlet. To facilitate trust between the Uchiha and the rest of Konoha’s population, Tobirama established the Konoha Military Police.

That route ended up not being the best option. Uchiha had intended to overthrow the government and wipe off the whole hamlet. Itachi’s time to shine has finally arrived. Uchiha recruited Itachi to spy for them. However, Itachi opposed the coup and played a double agent, giving the Konoha intel.

While Itachi preferred a peaceful resolution, the third Hokage still desired one. However, many in Konoha were dead set against the Uchiha and never trusted them; Danzo (6th Hokage) was among them, and the plan to wipe out the Uchiha clan was initially Danzo’s concept. Nonetheless, the Third Hokage resisted, waiting to see where it would go.

Things didn’t work out that way, however, and you’ll recall that Danzo—known as “the darkness of the Shinobi”—gave Itachi an option between death and annihilating the Uchiha clan in return for his younger brother’s life. Uchiha’s destiny was written in stone, but Itachi managed to rescue Sasuke out of brotherly love when he had almost little hope.

💪🏾Abilities of Itachi💪🏾

How Old Was Itachi When He Killed His Clan

The Mangekyo Sharingan is an enhanced form of the Uchiha Sharingan that can only be attained via the extreme emotional trauma of losing a loved one.

He has access to more powerful genjutsu methods and may use them to render himself visually impaired after each time he uses the Sharingan’s most potent version.

Tsukiyomi is a terrifying three-day genjutsu trap. Itachi has total command over it, so he can make them experience whatever he wants. With the horrible genjutsu, he can also manipulate the sense of time, making seconds seem like days.

Amaterasu: Itachi can call out black flames that can be controlled with sight. This inferno is hotter than fire, can burn through water, and can keep burning for a whole week.

Susanoo: Itachi can create a huge humanoid-like beast that engulfs the person. It takes on a new form when formed with the user’s chakra. It can seize the enemy, strike at them, control its movements, and fashion weapons out of chakra.

Itachi’s Susanoo includes the Sword of Totsuka, one of his many signature moves. Susanoo, Itachi’s trusty sidekick, carries a sake jar containing a liquid that can assume the shape of a sword; this ethreal weapon is powerful enough to seal everything it pierces.

A victim hit by the sword is sucked into the sake jar and confined in what can only be described as “the land of drunken dreams,” a genjutsu-esque realm.

According to the Yata Mirror, the Susano’o can call forth an ethreal shield capable of any natural alterations. It can adapt its behavior to counter any given assault.

The Yasaka Magatama is a chakra-based version of the shuriken that Itachi may launch with his Susanoo. It has the destructive power to level cities and the heart of Nagato’s Chibaku Tensei.

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Why Uchiha Itachi is so strong?

Itachi Uchiha inherited the Uchiha clan’s brilliance and stood out among his talented kin. Itachi’s potential was portrayed as infinite because of his early mastery of challenging jutsu.

Before activating the Mangekyo Sharingan, he was a brilliant individual. He was credited with having a Kage’s maturity by the time he was seven years old. His decisiveness and ability to assess circumstances set him apart as an exceptional shinobi.

That would be a remarkable feat, but Itachi’s power extended well beyond that. After Shisui Uchiha’s death, the Mangekyo Sharingan was activated in his eyes, making him one of the few to possess this legendary eye.

Undoubtedly, Itachi’s Mangekyo Sharingan was unique and granted him access to very potent jutsu. Itachi could throw the formidable genjutsu Tsukuyomi with his right eye and the Amaterasu, an inextinguishable black flame that burns until the victim is burnt to ash, with his left. The right use of any genjutsu may be hazardous, but Tsukuyomi was in a league of its own.

Why Itachi didn’t kill Sasuke Uchiha?

Itachi was the eldest son of the Uchiha clan’s chief. Hence he was considered a formidable ninja. Itachi was exposed to horrible events at a young age. The Third World War, which left a lasting impression.

He became a peace activist after seeing the carnage of war firsthand. In the future, he planned to eradicate all war and strife from the world, so he dedicated himself to being the finest ninja conceivable.

Itachi was just 11 years old when he was promoted to captain of the Anbu after finishing the Shinobi Academy early. Two years later, Itachi slaughtered his whole family except his little brother.

Why Did Itachi Kill Izumi First?

Izumi’s ultimate goal was to have a family and remain happily married to Itachi. When Itachi was given the order to carry out a slaughter, he had no idea that his clan, the Izumi, would be among those targeted.

Itachi was conflicted about carrying out the order to execute the members of the Izumi clan because of his feelings for Izumi.

He decided to eliminate any possible source of uncertainty by eliminating Izumi first. Itachi killed Izumi and praised her for loving him as she lay dying in his arms.

On the night of the Massacre, Itachi enticed Izumi away from home and then imprisoned her with the most potent form of Jenjutsu, Tsukuyomi, sending her into The Illusion, where she lived through her whole other existence in an instant.

What If Itachi Didn’t Kill His Clan?

Sasuke, the brother Itachi spared, was driven by Itachi toward vengeance and retribution. He thought that only his brother Sasuke could hold him accountable for the slaughter he had perpetrated, so he plotted to make Sasuke stronger so that he could kill him.

Sasuke fled the hamlet and set out to surpass Itachi in strength to revenge his family’s death. As a result, this prompted Naruto to go on his mission to strengthen himself and coax Sasuke back to the village.

The Uchiha bloodbath shaped Sasuke and, later, Naruto to become two of the most formidable Shinobi Konoha has ever seen.

Sasuke kept trying to murder Itachi, but he always failed. One day, Sasuke faced Itachi in a duel and ultimately killed his older sibling. After he had killed his brother, Sasuke realized the truth about his sibling’s motive.

After Itachi’s death, Sasuke absorbed all of Itachi’s abilities, and together with Naruto, they defeated Madara and Obito.

The limitless Tsukuyomi, which might have enslaved the world as a whole in a dream-like illusion, was stopped by Naruto and Sasuke when they defeated Madara and Obito, saving the Shinobi world.

Itachi’s brother never would have developed his abilities or helped Naruto beat Madara and Obito if Itachi hadn’t spared him and slaughtered the Uchiha clan.

Was The Uchiha Clan Evil?

Itachi Uchiha had two light novels in which he was the main character. However, the greatest spinoff for the Uchiha Clan was granted to Sasuke.

Throughout the Naruto series, the Uchiha are portrayed to be nasty, reclusive, and occasionally dumb. Despite these undesirable traits, the fanbase rallied behind them much as Star Wars fans did for Boba Fett and Darth Vader.

Because of this success, Sasuke earned a second official spinoff from Naruto, which was called Sharingan Legend.

It was presented as a manga that was designed to bring off a more comical and lighter side of Sasuke.

In it, Team Taka and Sasuke embark on more comic and light missions than the grim tones generally present in the Naruto arc. This is similar to how certain filler episodes ended up in the anime.

Who Is The Strongest Uchiha?

The Uchiha clan is believed to be one of the strongest clans in the Naruto series, if not the strongest. In the time of the Warring States, the Uchiha were one of the two largest clans, and they helped build Konohagakure with the Senju.

The members of the Uchiha clan are bestowed with the power of the Sharingan, owing to being descended straight from Indra Otsutsuki. Throughout the years of Naruto, there have been innumerable Uchiha with amazing strength, some even reaching godlike abilities.

How Did Itachi Get The Lines On His Face?

Danzo, an elderly member of Konohagakure, once referred to the creases along Itachi’s face as “chaos lines.” A life of anarchy, he said Itachi, would be his eternal fate. Looking back, the prophesy turned out to be spot on.

The wrinkles on his face may have been caused by one of two things. A primary possibility is that they are stress lines. The shinobi’s lines first emerge when he is a young kid and is not present in earlier depictions of him. By then, he had experienced painful occurrences that made him a pacifist.

It is also conceivable that Itachi acquired his father Fugaku’s angular face from him. Fugaku possessed them, as was to be anticipated, given his position as clan chief; nonetheless, they were far shorter for him than for his oldest son.

Sasuke had to deal with emotional and physical stress his whole life, yet he never showed any signs of stress lines. Therefore, it is more plausible that Itachi’s condition results from an interaction between his genetic makeup and the stresses he has through.

Why Did Itachi Join Akatsuki?

An Uchiha prodigy, Itachi was considerably more advanced than his colleagues and was one of the youngest ninjas to graduate from the Academy.

But it was not everything distinctive about him. As the Third Hokage expressed, Itachi was extremely developed and could think like an able Hokage, even as a seven-year-old. He was born during the Third Great Ninja War and grew up observing the horrors and slaughter of combat.

By the time he grew up, he was a sworn pacifist and wished to prevent a conflict by all means. Itachi had to make a difficult decision when his father staged a coup out of irritation with the village’s treatment of the Uchiha.

As he saw it, the Uchiha were the key to the village’s survival, and if they staged a coup and turned against the Leaf, other villages would waste no time in assaulting the Land of Fire. In the worst-case scenario, there may be yet another Great Ninja War.

To avert this, he agreed with Danzo’s plan and single-handedly murdered every Uchiha to save Sasuke.

He joined the famed criminal group Akatsuki to guarantee that they do not plan any damage against the Hidden Leaf. He sabotaged his good name to gain strength and accepted Sasuke’s animosity.

Frequently Asked Question

1. How old was Sasuke when his clan was killed?

Itachi was just 13 years old when he committed the clan slaughter.

2. How old was Itachi when he joined Akatsuki?

Itachi, Sasuke’s older brother, and an Uchiha prodigy joined the Akatsuki when he was 14. When the talented ninja was a wanted man for his role in the Uchiha slaughter, the Akatsuki gave him a second opportunity.

3. Is Itachi 5 years older than Sasuke?

Compared to Sasuke, Itachi is around six years older in Naruto (dated by the Uchiha Massacre when Sasuke was seven and Itachi was 13).

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