North Korea loses internet, back to pencil & paper!

Now when I was a kid I lived in the midwest and because of that, at an early age I developed a skill. A skill that can not be matched by any other, hold on (fly swat) … Gotcha .. A skill that after all these years is finally going to come in handy, …  Bah bye! And that skill is the mastery of the fly swatter. Because you see, even though these dirty little bugs seem harmless, the fact is they carry diseases, and they’re just downright annoying.

Oh, on a side note: It looks like North Korea is now threatening the White House, and all of us Americans, North Korea sure does have a Napoleon complex, don’t they?

I think we should respond according to the size of the threat.

Come on Mr. President, let me take’um out! … buzz…  there they are, don’t move North Korea… Got ya!