What If Naruto Joined The Akatsuki?

If Naruto joins Akatsuki, he will get the chance to influence the hatred and weakness in Naruto’s heart and will be able to win over the Nine-Tailed Beast under Akatsuki’s control.

As Naruto is a strong ninja, therefore, he could have operated him in Akatsuki in that circumstances where he could have taken out the Nine-Tailed Beast Kurama for him. So that he could finish Project Tsuki No Me.

What If Naruto Joined The Akatsuki?

What If Naruto Joined The Akatsuki?

Akatsuki, in the Naruto manga & Naruto: Shippuden series is a notorious criminal association where dangerous & vicious Shinobis are the group members of the organization who play different roles to achieve their different goals throughout the series.

The prime & foremost mission of Akatsuki is to collect the tailed beasts with the Tailed Beast Chakra so that they can fight successfully against the Shinobis in the world. Besides all, Akatsuki is very conscious to hunt only the legendary Shinobis with an extensive talent for their organization.

From this point of view, Madara, Obito, Orochimaru, Pain, and Itachi – all are villainous ninjas who join Akatsuki to accomplish their destructive mission and dominate the world throughout the war.

Naruto is, therefore, such a powerful Shinobi in the world who builds up a fence of “never give up” attitude around him.  No matter in which situation a small boy has grown up knowing that he is an orphan, the entire village discards him for having the Nine-Tailed Devil Beast sealed inside him since his birth.

After facing all the tragedy and antagonizes, Naruto still struggles with his virtues and remains stern about his dream of becoming a Hokage.  

Above all the optimistic ambiances, an adverse question also strikes in mind, if all that has not happened? If Naruto has to join Akatsuki instead of becoming the Hokage, then what will be the result of the fact?

Though there have been a lot of predictions & discussions by the fans on this significant modification from the original plot, it will be a very challenging and exciting outcome for all.

From the very beginning of the series, we have come across a good and decent guy, Naruto who always pampers a dream of becoming a powerful Shinobi and also the Greatest Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village.

So, it is quite difficult to distinguish Naruto as a ninja of the ill-reputed organization, Akatsuki.

It is perfectly acceptable and also sounds well that a decent person like Naruto would not turn into a so-called bad Shinobi because of the annoyances.

If the people of Konoha treated Naruto as their weapon and forced him to exploit the Nine-Tailed power for the sake of the villagers, the beast would surely have destroyed him. Even more, if Naruto proved himself as a bad person, he would have never been the device of Gaara’s salvation.

For that reason, a war between Sand and the Hidden Leaf Village might have been laid out. So, it is very easy for Obito to jump in and criticize Naruto for achieving two things in a single move, such as,

  1. Obito would be capable of influencing the abhorrence and softness inside Naruto’s heart and this will make the Nine-Tailed Fox under the control of Akatsuki.
  2. Secondly, Obito could make use of a powerful Ninja like Naruto for the Akatsuki, where Naruto would be able to extract Kurama out of himself which will in turn complete the Project Tsuki No me.

Knowing this, it is completely unimaginable how Itachi will respond to the fact, as he also did at the time of protecting Konoha. Possibly Itachi would have intended of using Kotoamatsukami up on Naruto when there was a right time for it.

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How Would The Sasuke-Naruto Scenarios Have Played Out?

What If Naruto Joined The Akatsuki?

Naruto is the main protagonist of the Naruto: Shippuden anime series, whereas Sasuke is also the other important character. Sasuke also suffers difficulties in the early ages of life as Naruto. Sasuke stands as an opposite character or a mirror to Naruto who could act as the driving source for Naruto.

Naruto always becomes thankful for his friendship and love to overcome the personal problem and hardships that Naruto experienced in his childhood.

Hence, such kind of plot would have surely made a fascinating twist in the story. The dynamic of the Naruto-Sasuke relationship would be portrayed completely differently if Konoha uses Naruto as a surreptitious weapon.

The plot will be different if Naruto is considered in the same situation as young Gaara. There seems to be nothing for them by treating the last of Uchiha alike if Konoha is absolutely fine with using the ensnared form of Kyuubi.

It may also be possible if the village would have blown away the hatred of Sasuke against his own brother Itachi for killing his own father.

Moreover, by following this strategy Danzo could have retained the reality of Itachi under the carpet and it will significantly turn the story around. If Naruto is being abandoned the village and joined Akatsuki by this fact, he might have utilized Sasuke in another way to finish him off.

As a result, Itachi may be taken care of by Sasuke.

If that is the whole scenario, then Danzo possibly would have tried his best to make Sasuke more powerful to his best by hook or crook, even by awakening Mangekyo.

It will definitely end in a disastrous war between unsteady Naruto and well-trained Uchiha and the latter would have been the winner of the battle.

It may also be possible that Itachi intervened in between the war and stopped the battle midway by utilizing Kotoamatsukami and letting Sasuke kill him to fulfill his goal.

In another way, if Naruto arises against Konoha, it would have been a scenario of heavy chaos and disorder, and achieving peace would remain a daydream for all.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why does Naruto join the Akatsuki?

Naruto never joins the Akatsuki in the Naruto: Shippuden anime series. Akatsuki is a popular group in the Naruto series formed by the extremely powerful shinobi. The members of Akatsuki always want Naruto to be a part of it and they targeted Naruto as Akatsuki was behind the Nine Tails.

If they achieve Nine Tails they could have revived the Ten-Tails in the great fourth ninja war. But Naruto was the enemy of Akatsuki throughout the series and in the movie. Hence, it is clear from all perspectives that, Naruto never joins the Akatsuki.

2. In What episode does Naruto join the Akatsuki?

There is no episode in the whole Naruto: Shippuden series where you could find Naruto joining the Akatsuki, as he never joins the Akatsuki. The members of Akatsuki always try to involve Naruto as a part of their group.

The Akatsuki always tries to achieve the Nine Tails because with the help of it they could have revived the Ten-Tails in the great fourth ninja war. However, Naruto is the opponent of the Akatsuki in the whole series and never joins the Akatsuki. Therefore, you couldn’t find any episodes where Naruto joins the Akatsuki.

3. What if Naruto was an Anbu?

The Anbu, generally known as Ansatsu Senjutsu Tokushu Butai which literally means Special Assassination and Tactical Squad is the secret operators and capable ninjas who are sent off by their Village leader.

The projects that the Anbu deeds are to save the village from any exceptional terrorizations, mostly, from the high-risk penetration into the rival region, conducting with powerful ninjas, investigation, chasing, and interrogating rival ninjas to reveal truth & information.

If Naruto was an Anbu he would have to improve & mature fast to become a skillful ninja at a young age and after a few years, he would become the Hokage after the previous Hokage stepped down. The Anbu are very strong on their mission and if they suspect anyone, they kill them; however, the victim might be an innocent one.

If Naruto was in Anbu, it will not be possible for him to kill one easily as he is a soft-hearted person. To him, his friends and villagers are more important than any mission or taking any revenge which is far away from the aim of an Anbu.

4. Did Naruto Uzumaki join the Akatsuki?

No, Naruto Uzumaki never joined Akatsuki. It was Dark Naruto, the appearance of the dark side of Naruto Uzumaki who had been produced from all the abhorrence by the Hidden Leaf Village, especially when Naruto was a child and had been hated and shunned by them.

It is because a Nine-Tailed Beast Kurama was hidden inside his body. So, it is said that Dark Naruto joined Akuma’s Akatsuki and created a deal with the Kyubi that Kyubi would let him out for one more time to take his revenge.

Itachi had trained this Dark Naruto for five years and had died when he was seventeen years He was later revitalized at eighteen years. People believe that this Dark Naruto part is simply a lie and, therefore, Naruto was never a member of Akatsuki.

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