When Does Naruto Become A Chunin (Episode and Story)

If you are newly introduced to Naruto and wondering when does naruto become a chunin or jonin, in this article, we will be answering all of your questions.

The young Naruto Uzumaki was an orphan underdog who dreamed to be the greatest Hokage.

After he passed the test of becoming a Genin, at the Ninja Academy, Naruto started his journey towards achieving his target of accomplishing the next rank. 

So, when does naruto become a chunin and a Jonin in the anime series? 

Actually, in terms of rank, Naruto Uzumaki did not become a Chunin or a Junin. He could not achieve the rank of a Chunin even after giving the Chunin exam a second time.

Kakashi Hatake who is the 6th Hokage has been seen to grant the title of Jonin to Naruto. 

After it was given, Naruto had to complete his studies required for a Chunin and Jonin. 

So technically Naruto became the 7th Hokage when he was still in the Genin rank. 

He did not succeed in claiming the rank of a Chunin as well as a Jonin, and it significantly reflects Naruto’s personality as a Shinobi.

To start with, Naruto was not a good student ever. As a matter of fact, he failed the exam for the Genin rank more than two times. 

Naruto earned the Genin rank after he saved Iruka from an attack by Mizuki. After witnessing Naruto performing a complex shadow clone Jutsu, Iruka realized that naruto has the capability of becoming a shinobi. 

At some time in the future, Naruto gained his legendary status as a result of his determination and ethics in life. 

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When Does Naruto Take The Chunin Exams?

Naruto Uzumaki did not become a Chunin in the anime series, even when he tried to take the exam for accomplishing the rank of a Chunin twice.

At the time of the first exam for the Chunin rank, Naruto passed two stages. He has been seen to win the preliminary match that was against Kiba Inuzuka, and in the final match, naruto beats Neji as well.

However, even after winning each fight in the exam, he was not able to earn the rank of a Chunin.

Ninjas are required to exhibit extraordinary strategies and have the capabilities that a good leader should have, for gaining and being promoted to the Chunin rank.

However, only winning the matches does not mean that one is qualified for the Chunin rank. 

It is the responsibility of a Chunin to lead a team of shinobis and take on critical missions.

Shikamaru was the one and only ninja on the team with the ability to showcase all the qualities that the examiners were searching for.

He achieved the Chunin promotion even though he forfeited in the final match against Temari, all because of his exhibition of excellent strategies and leadership skills.

The last battles of the exam for the Chunin rank had to be canceled due to a planned attack committed on Konoha.

Naruto took the Chunin exam a second time during the filler episode that is titled ‘Chunin Exam on Fire! Naruto vs. Konohamaru’.

Konohamaru, who was a childhood rival of Naruto, promised that one day he will beat Naruto and become the greatest Hokage. 

Later on, the two would fight against one another in the preliminary round. 

Even though Naruto was able to prove himself to be the strongest opponent in the fight again, he missed a vital rule that cost him losing the fight. He utilized a ninja move in the match, which was prohibited. 

Although the examiners clarified the rules prior to the match, Naruto was not able to hear them as he was busy bickering with Konohamaru.

Hence, Konohamaru became the winner of the match and became a Chunin, which made Naruto his subordinate in military rank.

Why Naruto Never Becomes A Chunin?

In his journey to become the greatest Hokage, Naruto gave the Chunin exam two times. Due to the attack on Konoha, the village was left alone without a leader.

Naruto along with the other shinobis in Konoha felt the requirement of finding a candidate for becoming the 5th Hokage who can ensure to re-establish peace and order in Konoha.

Years later, one more destructive attack against the Konoha village took place. Akatsuki along with their leader Nagato was aiming to capture the Nine-Tails in the body of Naruto. 

Once again, Konoha village won the fight due to the capability of Naruto, however, Konoha was required to be rebuilt. 

Akatsuki’s threat and mission of creating destruction influenced and led all five of the ninja villages to establish a strong alliance named the Allied Shinobi Forces.

The 4th Shinobi World War occurred and continued for two whole days. 

The alliance has been able to seal all Ten-Tails with success, hence re-establishing peace and order in the world of ninjas, once again.

Naruto had to go through a lot of battles after he took the first Chunin exam.

Though he did not accomplish the Chunin rank, he has been able to master numerous jutsus of the S-rank, which helped and allowed him to win the war successfully along with the help of his friends and peers.

The Nine-Tailed Fox that is sealed inside Naruto’s body, is a major source of his unbelievable power. 

Multiple world events took place right after Naruto took the first Chunin exam. Each one of the ninjas in the villages all over the world had to go on missions and fought against rough factions for restoring peace and order in the world of ninjas. 

Overall, passing the exam for Chunin rank became a second priority for Naruto.

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When Does Naruto Become A Jonin?

Naruto Uzumaki did not accomplish the Jonin rank. He even did not take the exams for the rank of Jonin. There was no particular account of Naruto taking the Jonin exams in Part II (Naruto Shippuden).

When Does Naruto Become A Chunin

When Kakashi Hatake, the former squad leader of Naruto, became the 6th Hokage after the end of the Fourth Ninja War, he used his position for granting the Jonin Rank of the Hidden Leaf Village to Naruto. However, Naruto had to do a lot of studies to fully achieve the title. 

In the later episodes of Part 2 (Naruto Shippuden), naruto has been seen to try to study for becoming a Jonin for 2 years, in spite of his difficulties in his studies. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Naruto ever become a chunin?

No, Naruto did not become a Chunin in the anime series nor is he ever a Chunin.

After the Fourth Shinobi World War ended and Kakashi Hatake become the 6th Hokage, he used his position for granting Naruto the rank of Jonin.

Hence, Naruto studied for becoming a Jonin directly and bypass the Chunin rank. 

Thus, it obviously makes sense that Naruto never became a Chunin as he was well over Jonin rank by the end. 

2. When does Naruto become a Hokage?

Naruto became a Hokage at the age of 31, after 13 years of the reign of Kakashi Hatake in Konohagakure. Kakashi became a Hokage after the Fourth Shinobi World War.

Becoming a Hokage was a dream or goal of Naruto in his childhood, and he finally became the 7th Hokage of Konoha village. 

3. What episode does naruto become a jounin?

Naruto actually never became a Jonin. He did not even become a Chunin. Naruto was promoted straight to the status of a Hokage from a genin. 

Even though Naruto had to study all the essential things for becoming a Chunin and a Jonin so that he would have both the knowledge and power that is worthy of the title of a Hokage, he did not become a Chunin or a Jonin.

4. When does sasuke become a chunin?

No, Sasuke did not become a chunin.

Sasuke Uchiha is one of the most powerful and strong characters in the overall story, who has the ability to match Naruto Uzumaki in a fight.

Just like Naruto, Sasuke Uchiha did not get another shot at the Chunin exams ever, and thus never got promoted from the genin rank. 

Although he is stronger than any of the Kage, excluding Naruto, Sasuke is actually still a Genin. However, his skills alone put him way above the rank of a Jonin. 

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