How Did Naruto And Kurama Become Friends?

In season 12, Episode 329 of Naruto: Shippuden anime series, titled “Two- Man team” displays that Naruto has finally become a friend with Kurama. The two tie a knot of friendship during the fourth Ninja war after a bitter note in their relationship.

How Did Naruto Become Friends With Kurama?

If you question any admirer of Naruto that which moment of the Naruto: Shippuden series is one of the most heart-touching parts to them? We are quite sure; that you will get the most likes for the episode where Naruto becomes friends with Kurama ultimately.

The story of Naruto & Kurama’s antagonistic relationship is one of the leading & stimulating fragments of the series. From the very beginning of the Naruto series, Naruto Uzumaki, the central character of the story & Kurama,

the Nine-Tails beast in the series seems to have a bitter relationship with each other and the beast was locked within Naruto since the day he was born. Since then, Naruto & Kurama’s bond started with hatred to save the life of the infant baby,

How Did Naruto And Kurama Become Friends

Naruto & also to protect the villagers, his parents sacrificed themselves to this Nine-tailed Fox Demon. But how this hatred turns into love & friendship is a big surprise to all.

In season 12, Episode 329 of Naruto: Shippuden, it is revealed that Naruto & Kurama become friends forever, but the bonding does not take place in one day or in an episode. During the life of his journey,

Naruto feels a soft corner for Kurama and has started to accept the Nine-tailed Fox as a guardian angel as Naruto was an orphan & he always finds himself beside Kurama who is always looking over him.

Though there were several up & downs due to tragic atmospheres where Naruto might be unable to find himself, the prudence of his parents helps him to overcome all such circumstances.

The friendship between Naruto & Kurama first started during the period of Naruto’s Kurama Chakra control arc. Here, Naruto was very determined to win the love of Kurama over hatred.

Kurama has also become compassionate after seeing the tragic life & sufferings of Naruto. During the Fourth Great Ninja War, when Naruto made a tie with all the tailed-beast,

it was a great achievement in Naruto’s life that he does not only make friends with Kurama but also gives the honor as a citizen of the Hidden Leaf. As the time flies, their friendship grows more & more strong and they become the strength of each other whatever the situation comes.

Unfortunately, a tragic end happened with Kurama as, during the battle with Isshiki, Kurama sacrifices his life to save others which severely breaks the heart of Naruto’s fans as well as Naruto.

Kurama’s death is a big shock to all of us and a positive example to everyone that friendship will never die. Naruto’s love for Kurama still remains the same after his death.

Summary Of The Episode Where Naruto Becomes Friends With Kurama

Episode 329 in the Naruto-Shippuden anime series, the episode is generally known by the name “Two- Man team” where we find Naruto Uzumaki, the legendary character of the story becomes the friend of Kurama, a Nine-tailed Devil Fox.  

How Did Naruto And Kurama Become Friends

According to the analysis of the episode, we see that Naruto achieves success in removing & abolishing the chakra receiver of Son Goku, but not get glad after hearing the update that Son still is sealed in Tobi’s control.

Before being locked again into the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path, Naruto receives a gift from Son for his compassion. Being proud of Naruto’s triumph, Kumara provides more of his power to Naruto.

After offering his power to the youngster, Kurama got annoyed that Naruto gratifies for the previous help against Madara, Kurama suggests melting his chakra with Naruto. Of being his friend, Naruto releases Kurama and as their chakra melts,

Naruto assumes an enormous power of his Nine-tailed chakra mode.  Naruto opens the gate of Kurama and admits him as a comrade from Konohagakure. Getting the power of Tailed Beast Balls collaborated with five Tailed Beasts;

Naruto fired in the sky against Guy & Kakashi. He throws clones through Kurama’s chakra arms to trace & remove their chakra receivers. After feeling the touch upon them, Naruto gets himself in a mental plane, along with Kurama and other tailed beasts.

The jinchuriki and the beasts introduce themselves and reveal the detail of the relationship between Roshi & Son to Naruto. The Tailed beasts give Naruto the gift with a bit of their chakra & Kurama remembers the last moment they spent with the Sage of the Six Paths years ago.

As Naruto takes away the chakra receivers, Kurama & other beast decided that Naruto is the one the Sages spoke of.  After finishing the tailed beast transformation, Tobi seals them again into the statue.

Details About Kurama (Character)

It is said that the Nine-tailed Fox is the most powerful & dangerous demon among the tailed beasts and the beast is known as the “King of the Tailed Beasts”. Kurama is one such Nine-tailed Demon Fox in the Naruto series whose jinchuriki was Naruto Uzumaki.  

Hagoromo Otsutsuki, known as the Sage of the Six Paths in the Shinobi world brings the creatures into existence and separated the ten-tails chakra into nine separated bodies, and gave them names. Kurama is one of them whom Hagoromo put in a temple covered by mountains & forest.

Kurama is a proud, sceptical, clever & manipulative creature who has a deep hatred of humans. After many years, Kurama showed himself as an ancient force of nature and appeared as a most powerful demon with incredible strength that could destroy all humankind ruthlessly.

Kurama has a huge amount of chakra & Tailed Beast Balls. The balls are very effective to damage the surroundings and he can produce multiple of them & also can boost them easily.

He is capable of feeling negative emotions and he has the power to generate tornadoes & breathe fire & also has the power of destructive shockwaves that can generate a roar & change into the energy of pressure & devastation.

Sensory skill is one more talent that Kurama has & through this, he can sense chakra from far distances as natural energy which he provides Naruto during Sage mode.

Madara Uchiha, another antagonist of the Naruto series, took Kurama’s help to kill Hashirama Senju, the first Hokage. While Madara was defeated in the battle, Kurama was sealed into the Hashirama’s wife, Mito Uzumaki’s body.

Sealing continuously from one to another, Kurama comes out & holds control of the Nine-Tails & attacks Konoha due to his anger as the village was responsible for locking him away in the earlier place. He tries to kill Naruto, the newborn baby, but his parents protect him & sacrifice their lives to Kurama.

From that time, Kurama was sealed by the Fourth Hokage of the village within Naruto and after several tragic circumstances, they become friends.

Kurama believes that he is the most powerful beast in the world & it is because of having several numbers of tails. After Becoming friends with Naruto, a sudden change in Kurama surprised everyone. A devil becomes the protector and provides Naruto with his power to help the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) In what episode does Naruto become friends with the Nine-Tails?

In case you are new to the Naruto fandom, it is pretty common to wonder how and in what episode naruto becomes friends with the nine-tails.

2) Naruto fights pain in what episode?

In the naruto: Shippuden series, the fight between Naruto & Pain began in episode 163, usually known as the episode of “Explode! Sage mode”

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