What Episode Does Naruto Fight Pain?


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In the naruto: Shippuden series, the fight between Naruto & Pain began in episode 163, usually known as the episode of “Explode! Sage mode” and the fight ended in episode 169, titled “The Two Students.”

Why Naruto Fights Pain In Those Episodes?

There are numerous numbers of fights in the Naruto manga & also in the Naruto: Shippuden anime series. Most of the battles are accompanied by Naruto Uzumaki, a young shinobi & also the legendary character of the story.

There are precise circumstances behind every clash, whether it is fought between Naruto & Sasuke or between Naruto & Pain. Therefore, a curiosity commonly awakes in every Naruto fan’s mind what is the reason for Naruto-Pain’s fight?

We find Naruto fighting Pain in episode 163, titled “Explode! Sage mode” in Naruto: Shippuden anime series. Pain, the leader of the Akatsuki, a criminal organization & the missing ninja from the village, Hidden in the Rain, believes that Naruto is a worthless person & is not the right one to receive the power of the Nine-Tailed beast.

He even considers Naruto as a weak guy who does not have the strength to hold & control the powers and might ends up releasing the beast one day.

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Naruto vs. Pain fight ensues because Pain decides to utilize his Sage of the Six Path strength to suppress the villagers of Konoha.

When Naruto gets aware of Pain’s outrageous acts on Konoha residents, he comes back from his mission to rescue the people from getting tortured & murdered by Pain & to stop destroying the whole village from his Six Path strength as without Naruto, it is really impossible to anyone to stop Pain from his merciless attack.

Moreover, Naruto believes that Pain has killed Hinata, the beloved of Naruto, and also he murdered some of his best friends & teachers, which makes Naruto, infuriated with Pain and lose control & therefore, Kurama takes over Naruto.

So, it is clear that episode 163 to 169 battlefields has been set up for Naruto & pain as they both are extremely powerful with different senses, though they both are the students of the same trainer.

While Naruto tries to amalgamate all the ninjas of the world together & cut the series of hatred from their depth, Pain, on the other side, wants to achieve the superpower to end the war at any rate.

Episode Where Naruto Fights Pain

What episode does Naruto Fight Pain?

The epic fight between Naruto & Pain is one of the major parts of the Naruto series and a very precious episode of the Naruto: Shippuden anime series. Episode 163, titled “Explode! Sage mode” explains Naruto’s fight against Pain, and the heroic battle continues for six episodes & lasted till episode 169, titled “The Two Students.”

Though Naruto & Pain are students from the same teacher and they fight for their own believing points, their fight is becoming an act of rage & devastation which finally leads to an amiable conversation between the two. Therefore, to know the aspect of the episode, let’s have a look at the occurrence-

Shima along with Fukasaku, Gamakichi, Gamabunta, Gamaken & Gamahiro summons Naruto. They get astounded to see Konohagakure completely ruined and Pain is responsible for that.

Tsunade mediates & challenges Pain to fight, but unfortunately, she finds herself helpless as she utilized all of her chakras to cure the villagers from the assault caused by Pain.

Through the Deva Path, Pain notifies Tsunade that she is not the only one he hunts for as the revitalized Ashura Path moves to attack her. Naruto destroys the path with a Rasengan & commands Gamakichi to shift Tsunade into a secure place & to instruct everyone not to interfere in the battle between Naruto & Pain.

Before starting the fight, Naruto discloses that after becoming skilled in ninjutsu, he is capable to sense chakra signatures. After having the aptitude, Naruto cannot sense the chakra of his teacher Kakashi Hatake & realizes that Kakashi has been killed.

A member of the Hyuga Clan informs Sakura that Naruto has demolished the Path using a particular blow.

The Animal Path uses Summoning Rinnegan to call a Giant Ox, a Giant Multi-Headed Dog & a Giant Rhino. When the animals come in front of Naruto, he throws the rhino into the air and blows another two with his Sage Art: Big Ball Rasengan.

Challenged by Pain’s Preta Path, Naruto generates Frog Kata to Pain of knocking him out and uses the natural energy around him for linking the blow although the Path fudging his fist. Pain acknowledges that Naruto has the talent of Sage Mode as their master Jiraiya has.

After hearing the fact that Pain was the pupil of Jiraiya, Naruto gets surprised. Therefore, being the student siblings, Pain states that he ought to hand over his life in order to restore the peace as his master always wished.

Naruto crossly discards Pain’s thoughts & hypocrisy and he asks if Pain has not done anything to restrain peace, but he destroys the leaf which is absolutely the opposite of peace. 

Sakura learns from Ko Hyuga, a member of the Hyuga clan about the whole situation and also knows that Naruto has made a chakra shuriken.

Sakura comprehends that the chakra is the double-edged Rasenshuriken and Sakura knows how dangerous & powerful the Jutsu was to Naruto he made in his hand. Naruto then throws the Jutsu, Rasenshuriken at his rival, Pain.

Naruto vs. Pain Fight Result

What episode does Naruto Fight Pain?

Naruto vs. Pain is undeniably a do-or-die fight in the Naruto: Shippuden series. The fight is one of the most challenging, apocalyptic, thrilling & iconic fights one has ever seen.

In every contest, there have a winner & a looser, but, in the case of the Naruto series, episodes 163 to 169 are so exciting & breath-taking that it seems quite difficult to say who will win and what will be the outcome of the combat as Naruto & Pain; both are equally strong & powerful ninjas in the series.

Naruto vs. Pain fight happens in the place just before the battle has done between Sasuke & his older brother Itachi. Although, Naruto & Pain, both are students of the same teacher, their way of thinking is completely a pole apart from each other which is the main facts of their rivalry act.

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While Naruto wants to stop the cycle of hatred and unite all the ninjas together, Pain on another side wants to get the extreme power to stop the war at any cost.

Therefore, pain becomes so cruel that he destroys all of the Hidden Leaf Village with his ‘almighty push Jutsu, kills the villagers ruthlessly, murders most of Naruto’s friends & his teachers, Kakashi & Jiraiya, and also tries to kill Hinata.

Therefore, in this stage, Naruto has the power to face off Pain and he is the only savior to the villagers who can stop the wreckage.

In the climax, Naruto wins the battle and he does not kill Pain despite the all destruction he has done. Jiraiya had the only ambition in his entire life to break the cycle of hatred & violence & to stop unnecessary murders and ninja wars, so, naruto, being a student of Jiraiya tries to walk on the same path.

Naruto leaves Pain alive and listens to Pain & his causes for doing such ruthless acts. He shares the mission of his teacher, Jiraiya with Pain and therefore, he does not take revenge to break the circle.

A transformation comes in Pain’s life after hearing Naruto’s speech & Jiraiya’s contribution. Pain starts to believe Naruto and sees a light of hope in him. He, then, decides to recover all he has destroyed & revive those he has murdered by compromising his life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What season does Naruto fight Pain?

Naruto’s fight against Pain is one of the most intense & epic wars in the Naruto: Shippuden anime series which displays in episodes 163 to 169, titled “Explode! Sage mode” (episode 163), & “The Two Students” (episode 169) and the season is Eighth aired from March to August 2010 where Pain, the leader of Akatsuki, attacks the Hidden Leaf Village and attempts to kidnap Naruto Uzumaki, the main protagonist of the series.

What episode does Pain die?

Pain aka Nagato, a member of the Uzumaki clan and the founder of Akatsuki, a criminal organization dies in episode 168, titled “The Fourth Hokage” in the Naruto Shippuden anime series.

In what movie does Naruto fight pain?

Naruto fight Pain is one of the best episodes in the Naruto: Shippuden anime series. Naruto confronted Pain is found in chapter 430, titled “Naruto Returns,” and ended in chapter 450, titled “The Joyous Village.

” These chapters relate to episodes 163 to 169 in Naruto: Shippuden and the fight continue in more than seven scenes. The event of Naruto fight Pain also comes in Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie released in 2012.

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