Why Shikamaru Says “What A Drag” In Naruto

Masashi Kishimoto developed Shikamaru Nara for the Naruto manga and anime series. Shikamaru is a ninja from the Hidden in the Leaves village in anime and manga. With Choji Akimichi, Ino Yamanaka, and Asuma Sarutobi, he makes up the ninja organization known as Team 10. Kishimoto has said that Shikamaru’s laid-back personality is one of the reasons he enjoys writing about him, even though the character is presented as slothful and unable to utilize his enormous knowledge. Shikamaru has been featured in several Naruto franchise media outside of anime and manga, like video games, original video animations, and six feature films.

The character of Shikamaru has been the subject of several articles in anime and manga magazines. Shikamaru has also been voted as one of Naruto’s most popular characters by fans. Shikamaru-inspired goods like keychains, patches, and action figurines have been available.

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Is there a reason Shikamaru says, “What A Drag”?

What A Drag Naruto

Because of his excessive laziness, Shikamaru finds physical labor to be a terrifying prospect. He doesn’t enjoy his resting position, interrupted by busy schedules and stressful job responsibilities. He wants drag to imply a great deal of effort. When he calls anything a drag, it’s because he’s upset that he has to put in some physical work to accomplish it, meaning he can’t relax and get some rest as he had been before.

In addition, Shikamaru is a genius, a screaming genius, with an I.Q. of 200, making any assignment very simple since he already knows all there is to know about his subject matter. Since he always finds his tasks simple, he seldom gets any actual exercise and is always drowsy and unmotivated.

Most people who procrastinate would probably identify with Shikamaru (except for that bit about his intelligence, eh! Humour). As a procrastinator, Shikamaru is not the most reliable person. Even worse, he claimed to have been asleep under genjutsu when Konoha was assaulted during the chunin examinations, although he was wide awake.

Any activity that takes effort from him is seen as a burden since he has no reserves left to deal with it. Naruto’s friend and classmate, Shikamaru Nara, went from being a slacker to an astute tactician, and his statements are both funny and inspiring.

Naruto’s world is full of interesting people. Some are there only for laughs and will say something completely out of the ordinary, while others may drop some very insightful insights.

A character that accomplishes both is, however, a rarity. Not only does the show’s main character, Naruto Uzumaki, evolve from being an annoying kid to a selfless adult, but so do many other characters’ quips and observations. A similar route is taken by Shikamaru Nara, a friend, and classmate of Naruto’s who would later become his mentor. 

Initially a bit of a slacker, he eventually becomes one of the most responsible and powerful shinobi in Konohagakure. In fact, several of his most memorable sayings mirror that development almost to the letter.

In the Naruto series, Shikamaru doesn’t want anybody bothering him as he starts off on his quest. He wants nothing more than to kick back and do his own thing, and he finds anything else to be “a drag.”

It’s possible that this became Shikamaru’s signature line in the first episodes. That statement, accompanied by a heavy sigh, is his standard response to any assignment of responsibility or effort. He is the first to confess his laziness, yet Shikamaru learns to adapt to the shinobi world and overcomes it.

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How Come Shikamaru Is So Lazy?

Laziness stems from Shikamaru’s desire for a humdrum existence, which is why he has little motivation to improve his situation. He has stated his desire for an easygoing and routine ninja career.

Laziness is significant in Shikamaru’s resolve to lead a simple life. However, his brilliance ensures that he finds most tasks surprisingly simple. When it came to his performance at the Ninja Academy, he got middling marks at best. 

Sensei didn’t tell Shikamaru he had an IQ above 200 until he took the chunin examinations. He wants nothing more than to unwind and do his own thing, and anything that isn’t his own is “a drag.”

This may serve as Shikamaru’s catchphrase in the early stages of the series. If you assign him any form of responsibility or task, you’ll get this sentence and a sigh in return.

Some Other Thoughts on Why Shikamaru Says “What A Drag”?

When Shikamaru’s father was Konoha’s Jonin Commander, Sensei Asuma unknowingly put him through a series of challenging intelligence examinations in the form of strategic board games. Shikamaru’s father was a Jonin.

In conclusion, Shikamaru laments, “what a drag,” due to the fact that he is a sluggard who refuses to complete any additional tasks that is strictly required. His great brain leads him forward in the world of ninjas, despite the fact that his goal is to have a life that is more typical.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Shikamaru’s power?

Shikamaru’s abilities stem from his mastery of the Shadow Imitation Technique, which is also his signature technique. Through the process of blending his shadow with that of an adversary, he renders them incapable of moving independently of him and compels them to duplicate his every action.

2. What does drag mean?

“That’s really annoying” If this is the case since Shikamaru uses this phrase on a near-constant basis, it is reasonable to presume that he is easily annoyed by a wide variety of situations. It’s a form of slang used in the city (which, to be clear, does not imply any sort of violence; rather, it refers to words and phrases that are not generally recognized in Britain or at Oxford). It is used to indicate distaste for a certain situation or set of circumstances.

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