Who Is Stronger Naruto Or Luffy And Why?

There is no doubt that Naruto is stronger than Luffy as he has the influence of Nine-Tailed Kurama Mode and the Six Paths Sage Mode and when the two combine with one another, no one even Luffy can face the strength of Naruto.

If Luffy takes on 10 more gears to defend Naruto, he still not stands in front of Naruto’s unexpected power.

Naruto vs. Luffy

The most prevalent fictional character, Naruto Uzumaki is the protagonist of the Naruto manga & the Naruto: Shippuden series while Monkey D. Luffy, the leading figure of One Piece, is one of the most buoyant fighters in the anime series.

Though both the Shinobis begin their ride in a modest way; they leave behind their past and their flaws to become more powerful ninjas in their own universe.

Therefore, several times, a question strikes in fans’ minds, if the two protagonists stand face to face with each other, then who will achieve the trophy of the winner, Naruto or Luffy? So, to get a clear answer, let’s go for an analysis of their strength.

Naruto Uzumaki has enough power to defeat Luffy in a direct contest. Though Luffy is a robust fighter and he would never give his opponent a single chance to win any match, in the case of Naruto, he is one such superhero in the fictional world who is highly skilled in diverse techniques of Shinobi compared to Luffy and is able to give a tough challenge of abolishing all of Luffy’s Devil Fruit skills.

Luffy originates his power by consuming a devil fruit which provides him enormous strength. He has the possession of a rubber which allows him to expand every part of his body. This talent gives Luffy pluses to move anywhere by stretching his limbs and he even can shield himself from any attack of his rivals.

The persons who eat the devil fruit have one negative side effect: they lose the skill of swimming. Besides this, he also has two biggest weaknesses on swords & blades. Hence, Luffy might be one of the strongest characters with lots of endurance & strength. So, his weakness does not prove unfavorable to bring success in any fight.

Naruto, on the other hand, is an exceptional Shinobi who has an unexpectedly diverse arsenal of energy-based techniques. He has loads of abilities like Nine-Tails Beast Mode; Six Paths Senjutsu and Jinchuriki transforms Shadow Clone Technique which works as a missile for him.

Moreover, Naruto’s Rasengan is so powerful & terrifying that it may be proved deadly for Luffy. He is the master of several Jutsus which boosts his strength. Therefore, Luffy can only survive if he covered himself in Haki.

If we go through a keen comparison, we can get evidence of the fighting styles of both Naruto & Luffy. As per the comparison, Naruto’s attack strength is 5, agility is 4, Endurance is 3 and intelligence is 4 whereas Luffy’s attack strength is 3, skill is 5, endurance is 3 and intelligence is 1.

Hence, it is clear that the hero of Naruto Manga and Naruto Shippuden is more powerful and stronger than Luffy both in terms of physical strength and intelligence.

Naruto & Luffy are different and supreme in their own universe due to their behavioral styles & characters, but both are top-class fighters with their unique forms of weapons and attack modes.

Though Naruto has some weaknesses & limitations, these are not as major as Luffy has. Therefore, Naruto will be the winner if they fight with each other.

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Naruto Powers

Who is stronger Naruto or Luffy and Why

Naruto Uzumaki, the main protagonist of the Naruto manga & the Naruto: Shippuden series begins his journey as a mediocre student who has not have enough skills to become a Shinobi.

But he has the only power that he originated from since his birth is the strength of the Nine-Tailed Beast that was sealed inside him by his father Minato Namikaze. With the help of Jiraiya & Kakashi, Naruto learns the all miscellaneous techniques to become a great ninja. 

Naruto has the power to control the Nine-Tailed Devil Fox Kurama and therefore, he contained the Nine-Tailed Chakra Mode which is his main arsenal to him. With the help of this Beast Mode, he makes different kinds of giant Rasengan to attack the rivals.

He has the ability to use the Rasengan with one hand. He has a vast range of Shadow Clone Jutsu which he utilizes to confuse his enemies during war. He is capable of generating more than 100 shadow clones from himself with his vast chakra resources.

Moreover, Naruto has the ability to hoard the Chakras for more than three days without any exhaustion. The capabilities of transforming Jutsu, summoning Jutsu, & Rasengan to attack the opponents are the most exceptional skill that he has assumed from his teachers.

The power of Six Path Senjutsu helps him to fly and also to drive the five natural influences of nature & nature transformation like Wind Release. Jinchuriki transformation is another aptitude that Naruto has derived by composing Kurama’s Yin half and his Yan half.

The Sage mode supports him to run faster than anyone else. He has the capability of using Bijuu bombs that can evaporate any object in the explosion radius.

Therefore, Naruto’s huge source of Chakra, the talent of adopting ninja techniques, the ability to utilize Rasenshuriken in a correct way enhance his strength & power more than any other ninja in the world and, Therefore, it creates his path easy & smooth to establish Naruto as the Seventh Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village.

Luffy All Powers

Luffy All Powers

Monkey D. Luffy is one of the most widespread names in the anime world that comes from One Piece. He is a brave, serious, and top-notch fighter who never learns to turn back from any fight, no matter what level of strength the opponents have, he always fights like a superhero.

Luffy loves to eat food. He, therefore, consumes a devil fruit specifically the “Gomu Gomu fruit” which turns his body structure from human flesh to rubber.

With his first appearance, his rivals would think that Luffy is a thin boy with a lack of power, but in actuality, he has an incredible superhuman power through which he can defeat a sea king with one punch.

Luffy has the ability to counter Enel’s Mantra which is the method of saying Haki for the residents of Skipiea. His robber-made body structure due to the intake of a devil fruit, which derives from Shanks’ crew, gives him elasticity power so that he can stretch his body anywhere.

But this elastic property ties Luffy with a restriction; he cannot swim anymore. With the touch of water, Luffy can lose his strength, his energy and gets paralyzed in his body.

The blessing of his flexible assets to stretch one or more of his limbs provides him an advantage to make the limbs back by throwing them toward his rivals. He can move by stretching the part of his body anywhere that no one can do.

He even acquires the ability to prevent enemy attacks by extending his legs & arms. He has the capability of resisting bullets and the bullets surprisingly bounce off Luffy’s body and will go back to the shooter or fly elsewhere.

Luffy always stays away from swords or knives as his body is fully made of rubber; therefore, a trivial cut seems fatal to him. Besides all his weaknesses, he is one of the toughest fighters who have enough endurance and stamina to fight against any other shinobi in the world.     

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Why Naruto Uzumaki is more powerful than Luffy?

After the beginning of the Naruto & One piece series, we come across the two superheroes, Naruto & Luffy who are the best in their own world. Since that time the fans of these two anime lovers, have been debating on matters to see who is more powerful, Naruto or Luffy.

After the end of the debate, the analysis says that Naruto is more powerful than Luffy. Now, the question is what qualities Naruto have that make him more powerful than Luffy?

As we see before, Naruto is the possessor of a huge amount of miscellaneous ninjutsu techniques and powers which makes him the greatest Ninja in the world. The first & foremost ability of Naruto is his Nine-Tailed Beast Mode which he achieves from the Nine-Tailed Devil Fox that was sealed inside him.

This gives Naruto unpredictable power to defend themself from their rivals. While Luffy has the ability to stretch his limbs due to his rubber-made body structure.

Naruto, on the other hand, has the power of Six Path Sage Mode through which he can fly anywhere and can conduct the five natural influences of nature & nature transformation like Wind Release.

Luffy has the limitation on swords & knives which may damage his body with a single touch whereas Naruto has the capability of producing more than 100 shadow clones from himself, the power of Sage Mode, the skills of transforming Jutsu, summoning Jutsu to convert his power from an ordinary human to a powerful Shinobi one.

In the Boruto series, Naruto gains the terrible power of Baryon Mode which is most dangerous to suppress his enemies. Another side, Luffy’s Haki power & gear transformation power help him to deliver protection from any attack.

Though Luffy is a great fighter and Shinobi in the anime universe his weakness & restriction from sword blades and also from water, have left him behind Naruto. If Naruto drives Luffy into the large water, Luffy will lose his all stretching power & will get paralyzed.

If Naruto utilizes his Rasenshuriken, it also brings disaster to Luffy. From this point of view, it is obvious that Naruto Uzumaki is more powerful than Luffy.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can Naruto easily beat Luffy?

Naruto is potent enough to give a tough fight with Luffy as he has a massive amount of ninjutsu techniques like Rasengan, the capacity of creating more than a hundred Shadow Clones, the power of Sage Mode & the Nine-Tailed Beast Mode which was locked inside him, the influences of Rasenshuriken & the most dangerous Baryon Mode which are adequate to win the match against Luffy. So, yes, it is obvious that Naruto can easily beat Luffy

2. Who’s stronger Naruto or Luffy gear 5?

Luffy’s Gear 5 mode is a very much unpredictable and powerful mode. It is also well known that Naruto is the most powerful Ninja in his own world with different modes and weapons. Hence, after analyzing the features, unpredictable nature, and grades of power of Luffy, it may be said that Naruto is still stronger than Luffy in a direct fight against Naruto even with help of Gear 5.

3. Who is powerful Naruto or One Piece?

Though the character, Naruto is the strongest shinobi than Luffy for his extraordinary ninja techniques, at the end of the day, Luffy’s One Piece arguably triumphs over Naruto on the whole. Although the two have several ups & downs, and strong & weak points, both series enhance their charm around the fictional world for their specific twist of fate. Surprisingly, the characters of One piece in recent time gains so much popularity over the characters of Naruto manga. Therefore, as a fictional series, one-piece influences their power to their fans more than the Naruto series.

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