Why Does Itachi Have His Arm Out

One theory as to why Itachi has his arm out for the suffering in his left hand is that he developed a fatal sickness after using up all of the power of his Mangekyo Sharingan. He used his cloak as an arm sling to support his hand and ease the discomfort.

Itachi is one of those incredible but baffling characters that can unite or alienate viewers. He’s a multifaceted intellect and a shining example of the Uchiha culture.

At the tender age of seven, Itachi completed his training at the Ninja Academy; by eight, he had mastered the Sharingan, a unique optical ability of the Uchihas; by ten, he had passed the Chunin exams. 

By thirteen, he had become a captain in the elite assassination team known as the Anbu; by sixteen, he had murdered his entire clan, sparing only his younger brother, Sasuke.

Sharingan ActivationItachi often has his arm out in order to more easily activate his Sharingan eye technique.
Jutsu PreparationItachi may have his arm out in order to prepare to use a specific jutsu or technique.
Signature PoseItachi’s arm out may be a signature pose or characteristic of his character design.
SymbolismItachi’s arm out may symbolize his power, determination, or skill as a ninja.

Whether Itachi is a hero or a villain has long been at the heart of speculation about his character, especially his ideology. We think it has been ongoing even before we saw Naruto. 

He’s a monster who slaughtered his family and then abandoned his brother to bear the emotional load of their deaths so he could fight for the greater good. Depending on who you ask, it’s either the most barbarous and horrific thing ever or the most heroic deed in Naruto.

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Why Does Itachi Have His Arm Out Of The Cloak?

In the world of Naruto’s ninja, there is a lot of formidable and trustworthy shinobi, but none of them compare to the Akatsuki in terms of their notoriety or might.

Despite their fearsome ranks, Itachi Uchiha was considered to be one of the most dangerous ninjas. In spite of this, even a ninja-like Itachi has peculiarities, the most notable of which is an arm that appears to always be protruding from inside his cloak.

Itachi was given the task of eliminating every member of his family’s clan by the Hidden Leaf Village, despite the fact that inside his family he is known as a ninja genius. This was done to prevent his family’s revolt from igniting a war on a worldwide scale.

Before he joined the Akatsuki and started spying for the Hidden Leaf, he spared the life of Sasuke, who was the only other member of his family.

In the end, he fought with his younger brother one more time, desiring to fall by his hand and give his strength, and the fact that he died showed how much love he had for his brother.

Why Does Sasuke Hate His Elder Brother?

For the first few episodes, Itachi was presented to the audience as a shadowy foe from the main criminal organization, Akatsuki. His evolution as a character through several histories has provided the cornerstone for numerous storylines.

However, before discussing Itachi’s motivations, readers should review the events leading up to the Uchiha slaughter.

In a nutshell, Itachi killed everyone in the Uchiha clan, including his parents, to stop a coup. But, as was indicated before, he protected his younger brother and instructed him to fill himself with a deep, abiding hatred.

Itachi’s reputation as a cold-blooded murderer stems from the original legends, yet his deeds were always for the sake of the town and Sasuke.

As a result, Sasuke was led to believe that his elder brother was the bad guy. Therefore, since he was a kid, Sasuke’s ultimate goal has been to train hard and kill Itachi. However, if Sasuke had known the truth about the tragedy, he would have turned on the whole community.

The latter was something Itachi hoped would never happen; he loved his younger brother very much. The only blunder was overlooking Sasuke’s growing desire for vengeance. Itachi kept the truth about the village from Sasuke until his very last breath.

However, Itachi revealed the truth to Sasuke in the last act of the story arc before he vanished for good. To remind readers, Itachi had no intention of telling Sasuke the truth while he was still alive. The resurrected Itachi concluded that Sasuke could handle the truth on his own and told him so.

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Was Itachi A Hero Or A Villain?

Why Does Itachi Have His Arm Out

Since Itachi committed genocide (by wiping out his whole clan) to rescue his town and, more crucially, his brother, there is no way to exonerate him of his guilt. Itachi’s loyalty to his brother is stronger than his concern for the community’s safety. No one, in my view, has the authority to rank the worth of human lives. 

It’s possible he wouldn’t have consented if the villagers hadn’t pledged to spare his brother in exchange for his help carrying out the act, but he made that vow to the village chief.

Thus, Itachi’s journey to being labeled a traitor to Konoha village included feeding his egotistical desires. He instilled a thirst for revenge in his sibling and waited for the day he would be powerful enough to release him. 

This demonstrates that a man’s self-interest will always be on display, regardless of his efforts to be selfless. Masashi Kishimoto, the man behind the popular manga and anime series Naruto, muddies the definitions of good and evil.

In other words, he tried to make Itachi the ultimate villain by giving him heroic qualities that would make him difficult for viewers to dismiss fully. 

Whether Itachi is a villain or hero is entirely up to the individual who sees him in that light. Itachi may think his actions and decisions are in the interest of peace, but it does not make them right.

His end objective is the common good, but the line he walks to get there is quite thin. Itachi is neither hero nor a villain but rather an anti-villain since his methods and strategies for success are ultimately dubious.

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