How Hinata Died? Why People Think That

A large audience believes that Hinata passed away during the pain arc, which is one of the numerous hypotheses that have been proposed surrounding her demise.

However, Byliner discovered that in both the anime and manga adaptations of Boruto, Hinata is still alive in the present day. This holds true for anime as well as manga. At first, Hinata Hyuga exhibited a demeanor that was quiet and bashful. She would later go on to become Naruto’s love interest.

Many devoted fans of the Naruto series take out their frustrations on Hinata and make fun of Boruto, despite the fact that Hinata is a sweet and gentle young woman. Because if it weren’t for her, Boruto wouldn’t exist. Fan groups tend to be very negative, particularly when it comes to the responsibilities of mothers.

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🤔💭Then What Happen When Hinata Fought Pain?

how hinata died

The pain never succeeded in eliminating Hinata. Pain’s Universal Push in episode 166 of Naruto Shippuden only badly injures Hinata. Because of this, Hinata lost consciousness but recovered when Sakura performed her healing Jutsu.

As things are, Hinata is in no danger of dying in the Boruto manga or anime. Later, when Naruto is gone, she sacrifices herself to protect her children.

Hinata lucked out when Nagato, who was so focused on Naruto that he didn’t even glance at her before stabbing her, missed an essential target. It is the manga adaptation, after all.

In the cartoon, the dirt made it so he couldn’t see well, his mind was on Naruto, and he wasn’t even trying to hit anything important. So close, but so far. However, even the most powerful people may fall victim to such a fate at some point. On the other hand, if it weren’t for the medical intervention, Hinata would likely be dead.

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How Hinata died? And What Did Naruto Uzumaki Do After Hinata Died?

He became angry and sorrowful when he believed Hinata had died fighting Pain. This led him to access the Nine-Tailed Fox’s chakra within him and engage in a fierce battle with Pain. Ultimately, Naruto defeated Pain and learned the truth about Hinata’s survival, leading him to break down in tears of relief and gratitude.

After Hinata passed away, a lot of people began to wonder if the Jougan was indeed the Byakugan. There are also other possibilities, including the idea that Hinata’s passing served to safeguard Boruto when Naruto was absent.

This is merely a theory, but a lot of fans feel that Boruto’s development was sped up after they found out that Hinata had passed away. The animated series based on Boruto is just getting started now.

His training will be managed by Kawaki, who also lives in the same house as Boruto and Naruto. It would appear that they are preparing the groundwork for a confrontation between Boruto and Kawaki, with Kawaki eventually making a comeback similar to Sasuke’s.

The subsequent implication of the prophecy is that the same might take place between Naruto and Hinata. Hinata will most likely continue to reside in the village even after Konoha has been obliterated. When she realizes that both her husband and her child are in danger, Hinata will do anything to save them.

As a result, she will become involved in the conflict much as she did with Pain. Nevertheless, this time around, the possibility exists for Naruto and Hinata to sacrifice their lives in order to safeguard Boruto.

Boruto was found with a Byakugan and a wound above his right eye when he was being searched. It is possible to draw the conclusion from this that Hinata was the one who first owned the Byakugan.

In other words, this has been validated by the appropriate authorities. As the story goes on, there should be increasing friction and consequences for the characters’ actions. That is the crux of any story that is able to captivate an audience. This indicates that certain characters will perish, while others will have no further development.

Did Sakura Save Hinata?

No, Sakura did not save Hinata during Hinata’s fight with Pain. In the Naruto anime and manga series, Hinata fought Pain to protect Naruto and tried to show him her feelings. However, she was quickly defeated and badly injured. It was Naruto who eventually defeated Pain.

But, Sakura did play a crucial role in rescuing Hinata during one of the arcs in the story. She used her medical skills to heal Hinata and helped protect her from their enemies. I can tell you that Sakura is a boss when it comes to keeping her squad intact and making sure everyone’s health is on point.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why Did Hinata Wear Her Hair Short Originally?

Hinata wants to keep her hair short since she has a crush on Naruto and doesn’t want to risk Sasuke’s approval. The other is that it is culturally acceptable in Japan to chop a girl’s hair short if she brings shame to her clan or family.

Q2. When Did Hinata First Meet Naruto?

They had their initial encounter in the area near the school, so they must have both planned to enroll around the same time. 

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